JDM Industrial Inc.

Solutions for Centrifugal Separation for all Industrial Sectors. Application based custom Design and Fabrication of Centrifuge and Decanter Systems.


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Self-cleaning disc centrifuge separators, Alfa Laval 513 WHPX, Alfa Laval MOPX213
Decanter System with Alfa Laval DMNX 418. Complete system with feed pump effluent tank, discharge pump, and screw conveyor for solids disposal. Full automatic system. JDM Industrial Inc's design and fabricated system.
Automatic control system for decanter and pumps.

About Us

JDM Industrial Inc. is a turnkey solution for all your Centrifugal Separations and applications. We evaluate your application, suggest the right machinery, design and fabricate systems according to your needs and requirements. We are with you from concept to design and fabrication, to setup, start-up and training.

Consultation Services for your oil recycling and disposal plants, equipment selection, system design and operation.

Design & Fabrication:

We design and fabricate Centrifuge and Decanter Systems, Recycling and Disposal Systems, Pumping Systems, Liquid Loading and Unloading Systems, and Tank Farms.

We assist in design and fabrication of all aspects of fuel treatment, fuel forwarding, fuel transfer, and fuel loading and unloading and tank farms.

Refining Applications:

We can help refineries to treat waste slurry streams (CSO), and other waste oil and waste water streams. We can help with IMO 2020 compliance by removing aluminum, silica, iron, and other impurities to bring marine fuel within specifications.

Recycling Applications:

Our consultation services include help and assist with Waste Oil/Waste Water Recycling and Disposal Applications, Bio-Diesel Plants, Fuel Treatment Systems and Tank Farms for Power Plants.

We help industrial sector with better purification of their final product by designing high G-force centrifugal systems to increase quality and productivity.

Contact us for all types of separation needs and requirements.